Google Checkout has been retired. You can no longer process orders. The last day to process refunds will be December 20, 2013.
LEGAL NOTICE: As of September 9, 2013, the Checkout Sunset Terms of Service (US | UK) shall supplement your existing Checkout Seller Terms of Service. Learn more

Google Checkout

Google Wallet Buttons

Customers looking to use Google Wallet on your site will look for this button — in three sizes:

                      Checkout buttons

Buttons for mobile websites are also available. Details on how to create the right button for your website can be found at the bottom of this page.

Where the button should go

Place the Google Wallet button next to every existing checkout button on your site (usually on your shopping cart page).

Button Placement

Common do's and don'ts
  • Only use Google-hosted button images (available below).
  • Don't alter the size, shape, orientation or any other aspect of the images.
  • If you require users to register or sign in to your site, you must ensure Google Wallet and Buy Now buttons are available before the login process so buyers are able to check out with Google Wallet without having to log in. If you sell digital goods with the Checkout Digital Delivery API and your Google Wallet buttons are behind login pages, you must display the Google-hosted Wallet acceptance logo before any login pages of your website. View the details of our button policies.
  • Make sure the Google Wallet button appears "above the fold" on your cart page (i.e. visible without vertical scrolling on 1024x768 screen resolution).
  • If your site has an off-white background color, make sure to use the transparent button image (available below).

Provide a good customer experience

  • Post carts quickly: When a user clicks the Google Wallet button on your site, they should be taken to Google Wallet within one second and without seeing intermediate pages.
  • Don't break the back button: Users who click their browser's 'Back' button should be brought from the Google confirmation page directly back to your site. There shouldn't be any intermediate pages in-between, nor should Google Wallet open in a new browser window.
  • Use 'not available' buttons when necessary: You should display the 'Google Wallet not available' button (using the variant parameter) for orders not adhering to our content policies.
For more detail on each requirement, visit the Google Checkout policies page.

Getting your Google Wallet button

Google hosts the images for all Google Wallet buttons you place on your website. Use the button URL generator below to create the URL you should use to display Google Wallet buttons on your website.

What's your Merchant ID? (How do I find my Merchant ID?)

What size button would you like?

Google Checkout buttons

Large - 180x46
Medium - 168x44
Small - 160x43
Mobile (High-end devices) - 152x30 [?]
Mobile (Low-end devices) - 118x24 [?]

Will the button be placed on a white background or a colored background?

Details on how to generate your button URL are in the Developer's Guide.