Google Checkout has been retired. You can no longer process orders. The last day to process refunds will be December 20, 2013.
LEGAL NOTICE: As of September 9, 2013, the Checkout Sunset Terms of Service (US | UK) shall supplement your existing Checkout Seller Terms of Service. Learn more

Google Checkout

Acceptance Logo

Let your customers know that you accept Google Wallet by displaying the Google Wallet acceptance logo on your website. If your customers are curious and want to learn more, they can click the logo to bring up reviews from Google Wallet buyers who have completed a purchase at your online store.

Below is a sample image of the acceptance logo. To display the acceptance logo on your website, simply copy and paste the appropriate code snippet into your website's HTML.

Usage Requirements

  • Use only the Google-hosted version by copy/pasting the code snippet from the Google Checkout Merchant Center. Learn more.
  • The mark shown above may only be displayed on the website of an online store that accepts Google Wallet.
  • Do not alter the shape, size, and/or orientation in any way.
  • Google may update or change the acceptance logo in order to improve the user experience.